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What Is Traffic and Why Do I Need It?

Anytime that we put a website online, people are going to magically know about it, how to spell your domain name, and what your website contains. Of course, this is a silly notion. Unless someone knows about your website, how to spell your domain name, and what information your website makes available, there is little hope that someone would ever end up on there. Letting everyone on the planet know that your site is online and ready to be used would be an expensive endeavor; too large for anyone to realistically ever accomplish. Plus, if each page of your website offers different information (or “content”) than the one before it, we would have little hope of advertising each page of your site individually. However, if you have constructed each page of your website in such a way that is considered to be “SEO Conscious”, then you are doing what you can to ensure that search engines pay attention to the information contained on each of these pages. Continue reading

Attracting More Traffic To Your Website!

When driving on the Interstate across the U.S. – or even on short runs across your local area – you can clearly see that the companies that understand “getting the word out” have far more than just one sign visible from the Interstate. If a company, say someone like a McDonalds or a Burger King only had one sign up, then that company would be 100% dependent upon ALL of the folks they were trying to reach to physically drive by that one sign. That is – that one place they decided to place their message in the field of view of those that might happen by. I think we can all agree – THAT would be a pretty bad model for marketing. It is easy to understand that they would gain FAR more exposure my doing something as simple as putting up more signs. If they were getting their word out in more locations, where the audience they are trying to reach is already driving, they would naturally gain more exposure – or – to put it in on-line vernacular, they would get more traffic exposed to what they have to offer! Continue reading

Utilizing The Web To Your Advantage – Part 3

Distribution of your message online can be accomplished in an almost unlimited number of ways. One, somewhat obvious way, would be the distribution of your offer via email. Such an email would come directly from you, but a more functional opportunity would be by sponsoring, or hitching a ride on, email that is already being sent to various existing lists of clients. Not your clients – at least not yet. Clients already on a list owned by other companies. This means of advertising is a powerful, and a very quick way of getting your word out. Continue reading

Utilizing The Web To Your Advantage – Part 2

Depending on what topic a particular article has been written about, it is possible for it to actually be a full page ad for whatever product or service you are offering online. These “full page ad” in article format – written to educate the consumer rather than to try and “sell them”- can literally be of unlimited length. If it ends up too long, articles can be easily broken down into various parts that link to each other allowing for a deeper level of indexing. Ultimately, this provides far better exposure for the exposure for the products or services you are writing about.) Continue reading

Utilizing The Web To Your Advantage – Part 1

Let's look at a list of the existing models of getting out word out that we all have access to. Under each of the following lists are various reasons on how and why to utilize the qualities that each has to offer. Never before has it been so easy to reach large numbers of people. All we have to do is to take the time to realize what we can do with each avenue of distribution currently available to all of us. Read the following lists of existing services and then discover how best to utilize them. Continue reading

Creating Ads That Actually Work – Part One

Most every book or article I have read on the subject of creating a successful ad for whatever product or service you are hoping to sell to a consumer starts off with brilliant statements such as “it needs to be attractive” and must “command the attention of the reader”. I suppose they could also include other helpful nuggets like “it must be printed on paper” and “should fit within the page of the magazine that it will run in”! What? Exactly! Worthless advice. Let’s attack the creation process from a different approach. Continue reading

Creating Ads That Actually Work – Part Two

One thing that we have to assume is that anyone advertising is not doing so just to burn up their cash. They are advertising looking for a specific result. That typically being the sale of a product or service to a consumer. The larger the company, the higher the chances are that a graphic design firm would have been included on the design of the ad. It is also possible that an advertising and marketing firm, typically with their own in-house graphic design team, would have been in charge of the advertising campaign. By examining such ads from month to month, you can really see the results of the decisions being made behind the scenes. Specifically if the ad remains the same, if it has been tweaked slightly, or even if it was pulled altogether. Continue reading

Being Of Service

As with a common business mantra, “The customer is always right,” when being of service to someone, it is far too easy to simply follow orders; especially if you are aware that the actual outcome would be undesired. Being of service sometimes warrants that you take the uncommon initiative and present other options that might better accomplish the goals of the one you are trying to serve. Helping others to avoid outcomes that would carry unintended consequences goes a long way toward establishing your worth to an individual. Continue reading

Why Are You Here?

With an expanded list of life attainable possibilities, what purpose do you think you were placed here to accomplish? I don’t mean to tread on your religious belief system. I am simply asking, “What burning desire do you have inside that seems to always be there no matter what you are doing?”   - No matter… the things you have accomplished.   - No matter… how secure your family currently is.   - No matter… who you are helping or the money you possess. Continue reading

Where Are You?

Not your physical location – but where are you along the path of possibilities? I ask about where you are according to your own ruler; your own map of achievable things that you can accomplish. It is that ruler or map that you come up with as your point of reference that encompasses your capabilities AND your limitations! That which you believe are genuine possibilities in your life are what you have to choose from as a basis for your personal potential! What you can perceive, you can begin to believe, and that which you believe you can step confidently along the path to achieving. By asking you to come up with an answer to “Where are you?” I hope to put you in the mind-set of being able to perceive yourself along an imaginary scale that has a starting point, where you are in reference to that starting point, and where you would genuinely like to be. This exercise will help you so much in the clarification of your desires. Here, though, is the clincher: It is not important where you are along the map that you imagine. What is important is what you have included on your map of possibilities for you to choose from. What opportunities do you consider obtainable within your system of measurement? The more people I asked this question, the more I realize that most of us are stuck. Not stuck in one place along their map or scale of measurement, but stuck because of their lack of obtainable possibilities that they have allowed to be considered in the first place! Continue reading