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Miceal Ledwith’s 2013 : Alignment of Chaos interview by Jim Harold of The Paranormal Podcast!

I cannot reduce to words the absolute joy felt when finally being able to hear the interview with our good friend, Miceal Ledwith conducted by Jim Harold of the Paranormal Podcast. As expected, he was warm, giving, and extremely personable. Quotes from the interview ~ "The placebo effect of most religious beliefs : I think the basic problem that most of us have which is blocking our own internal power emerging is we can't let go of the belief that there is some benevolent being up there, that looks all too human, who's taking care of us from the sky, just like our parents..." and "If we unveil these powers that are really there in us, and there is so much evidence coming forth right now, then we would be taken care of infinitely greater than by any being up there in the sky on a cloud with a beard could ever do so." Continue reading