deep deceptions

Linda Evans – Janet Ballweber – Miceal Ledwith – Max Laing – Photo by : Dr. Elaine O’Neil

Hey All! Here are a couple of shots that we have rounded up from our very recent venture to the beautiful state of Washington for the purposes of capturing the footage of Dr. Miceal Ledwith (pronounced Mee-Hall) that will make up a large portion of his next three DVDs. Linda Evans, Janet Ballweber, Miceal Ledwith, & Max Laing - Behind The Scenes (Did I mention he is Irish? Janet and I brought them Mardi Gras beads and decorations from New Orleans) This is just a few moments that were captured of the absolutely wonderful time that we spent breathing the same air of very talented and generous people such as Linda Evans and Dr. Elaine O'Neil. We are fortunate to be allowed to be the producers of what will become Miceal's 5th, 6th, and 7th DVDs dealing with "The Origins Of The Human Race", "Jesus and Mary Magdalene", and "The Obscenity Of Suffering". This will expand his current library which includes the following titles in his Deep Deceptions series that can be found at Hamburger Universe ( ). "The Hamburger Universe", "How Jesus Became A Christ", "ORBS : Clues To A More Exciting Universe", and "2012/13 : Alignment Of Chaos"! For anyone interested in hearing a little from Miceal in his own words, feel free to take a listen to an interview I was fortunate to leverage for him on The Paranormal Podcast hosted by Jim Harold and he and his business partner, Clayton Morris from FOX News host The Paranormal Report. This interview covers a wide range of incredibly interesting topics that are only scratching the surface of what Janet and I were blessed to capture first hand over this past week. Continue reading

Miceal Ledwith’s 2013 : Alignment of Chaos interview by Jim Harold of The Paranormal Podcast!

I cannot reduce to words the absolute joy felt when finally being able to hear the interview with our good friend, Miceal Ledwith conducted by Jim Harold of the Paranormal Podcast. As expected, he was warm, giving, and extremely personable. Quotes from the interview ~ "The placebo effect of most religious beliefs : I think the basic problem that most of us have which is blocking our own internal power emerging is we can't let go of the belief that there is some benevolent being up there, that looks all too human, who's taking care of us from the sky, just like our parents..." and "If we unveil these powers that are really there in us, and there is so much evidence coming forth right now, then we would be taken care of infinitely greater than by any being up there in the sky on a cloud with a beard could ever do so." Continue reading