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What Is Traffic and Why Do I Need It?

Anytime that we put a website online, people are going to magically know about it, how to spell your domain name, and what your website contains. Of course, this is a silly notion. Unless someone knows about your website, how to spell your domain name, and what information your website makes available, there is little hope that someone would ever end up on there. Letting everyone on the planet know that your site is online and ready to be used would be an expensive endeavor; too large for anyone to realistically ever accomplish. Plus, if each page of your website offers different information (or “content”) than the one before it, we would have little hope of advertising each page of your site individually. However, if you have constructed each page of your website in such a way that is considered to be “SEO Conscious”, then you are doing what you can to ensure that search engines pay attention to the information contained on each of these pages. Continue reading